Using Coax Cable Aggregation to Backup or Augment Your MPLS WAN

The major cable companies like AT&T, Brighthouse, Comcast, Charter, Time Warner and others offer business owners wide area networking to connect multiple office locations. When only data passes between those locations, their cable architecture can usually meet your needs in terms of reliability and throughput.

The problem is, when you add voice or video to the mix, cable falls short because you can’t manage the QoS of a cable network.Overcoming QOS Problems With MPLS WAN

Jitter and latency can turn a routine phone call into a garble. Fortunately, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) offers a solution that paves a direct path through the cloud and manages QoS so your calls and rich media go through as expected. But MPLS is only part of the solution for most multi-location businesses.

Here’s why.

Running your voice, video and data over multiple cable WAN‘s that are each managed by a different cable company becomes a logistics nightmare. Your office in San Jose may run on a WAN from cable company “A” while your Atlanta office runs on company “B”, while the New York headquarters uses yet another company. Most IT departments don’t want to have to deal with a plethora of cable companies. It begs for inefficiencies.

For example, each of those providers requires a separate contract. Each one bills you separately. Each has it’s own support team and 800-number. Whether you need to augment your corporate network or backup your corporate data there’s no need to struggle with that kind of arrangement. Aggregating multiple services under a single company makes sense.

Coax cable aggregation simplifies everything by putting one company in charge of your entire WAN no matter which company manages any given geographic area. I’ve long been a proponent (unpaid) of Bandwave Systems as an aggregator because they make things easy and handle all those details for you.

Bandwave gives you a single point of contact, continuous monitoring and management of your WAN’s. They can even provide that “last mile” connectivity you’ll need when you open a new office. And they do more than cable: 4G wireless, DSL and T1 can all be rolled into your infrastructure. Bandwave is up and running in 180 countries and ready to handle the international segments of your corporate network as well.

If you’re considering this kind of solution to the “too many carriers” problem, feel free to reach out and I’ll try to get you pointed in the right direction.