Peter with Jeff Storey, CEO of CenturyLink

Voxomate is the voice of Peter Reiss.  He has 19 years of senior management experience in the data and telecommunications industry and works with notable companies like Honeywell, Hyatt, GoDaddy, Circle K, Jet Blue, U-Haul and many more navigate their technology procurement needs. Prior to his current work with CNSG, Peter was a General Manager at Level 3 Communications (now CenturyLink) where he managed the Southwest Region.

About CNSG

Our team of former carrier executives provide our clients with unparalleled visibility into every flavor of solution available.  Instead of learning about one solution from a sales person committed to pushing his company’s product, we listen to your needs and present options that are right for you, from over 250 different providers.  After you’ve discovered the best fit for your needs, we leverage the provider to get you the best price.

And we don’t charge you a dime to do it.

Our model is different in that we’re making money, just not from you.

Providers pay us when we sell their services. It’s a win for them, because they’re making sales without having to pay internal employees.  Also, because we work with 15,000+ clients, we’re responsible for millions of dollars in revenue per month with most of our providers. That bulk quantity gives us leverage when negotiating price for even our smallest clients, in a way similar to Costco or Walmart.

Both of those factors combined equates to significant cost savings joined with vendor agnostic honesty that you don’t find with traditional telecom providers.

We look forward to meeting you!